Maybe because I am sick. Maybe because I have had no real interaction with the adult world for the last two days. Or maybe because as a child I dreamed of being a writer for a big name magazine and instead am a stay-at-home, work-at-home, and homeschooling mom who loves every minute (ok you got me… almost every minute) of it. Maybe that is why I am now blogging for the second time.

I did blog for a while a year or so ago. It consumed my entire life. Everything I did or thought I wondered if it was bloggable. Is that even a word? That is why I stopped. This time must be different. I will blog to make myself happy, and hope that you enjoy your venture into my part of the blogosphere.

a bit about myself…

As I said I love being home with my babies. I have been married for seven years and am the proud mother of the cutest little two-year old boy and sweetest four-year old girl. Well, other than yours of course!

I am Texan thru and thru. If I could live anywhere else (and I wouldn’t because I just ADORE Texas!) it would be Washington DC because the history that just fills the DC history absolutely fascinates me.

I am terrible at spelling and punctuation. If that type of thing frustrates you this is not the blog for you! 🙂

I love homeschooling! I love how we have the ability to center our lives around Jesus Christ. I love that we finish our lessons in the same amount of time that my daughter’s friends take to actually get to school. I love that my kids learn to interact with people of all ages. I love being one of my daughter’s teachers in her Friday school co-op. I love that the kids have a chance to learn at their own pace and study what really interests them. And I love that my kids are not taught what to think but rather allowed to think.

Make yourself comfortable. Pour yourself a tall glass of sweet iced tea and pull up a chair. I hope that you will stay a while and leave a few comments so that I may learn what is in your heart. Pleased to meet ya!


About The Extreme Housewife

I am a young married homeschooling mother of two little ones. Being a mommy is the best job in the whole entire world!
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