I LOVE Homeschooling!

I LOVE homeschooling! I really do not understand why everyone doesn’t do it. We have so much fun! We take frequent field trips, learn what interests us, and just spend time with the Lord and each other. We spend the same amount of time doing our lessons as my daughter’s friends spend on homework, however my daughter has had the oportunity to advance beyond her grade level in school.

My main goal in raising my children is to teach them the love of God which I miserably fail at however I keep trying. I do believe that as long as they have a relationship with the Lord everything else will fall into place. We have recently moved to a new church and have found wonderful opportunities to serve others through this church. The kids and I have baked cookies for a monthly service project the church does for homeless children and their parents. And next month I will have the wonderful opportunity to take my four-year old daughter literally to a sidewalk in downtown Houston to feed the homeless. I love how we never know when God will call us out to serve others, and that I will never say no because my children have to be in school.

I also love that just because we are homeschooling it doesn’t mean that we can’t go to school! My daughter was a bit upset when all of her friends started going to school and she was not. I joined a homeschool group to find her friends who are homeschooled as well and found something even better. I found a homeschool co-op. We all get together every Friday morning for Friday School. At least one parent from each family is required to participate in running the school. I teach a Little Lit class for the four to six-year olds and assist in a ABC Workout class for the two to three-year olds. I love planning the classes for the kiddos and I may share the different activities we have done sometime with y’all.

I am very happy to say that my daughter loves to learn. With her being so little I do not yet require any lessons. I believe that at her age it is better for her to learn through play than though lessons that I put together for her. She learns naturally. However, I do have reading and math curriculum that I have purchased for her which we only work on when she comes to me and asks to do so.

Her two-year old brother I am sure will be another story. He won’t sit still long enough to learn his shapes and colors. He is more interested in learning to jump and throw than anything like that. He also loves to find different ways to drive me up the wall. And I know that he is wonderful the way God made him! We each have our own strengths and weaknesses, and I think that our current society pushes us too hard to be good at everything. No one is good at everything. And as wonderful as I believe homeschooling is it isn’t for everyone, and that is wonderful too!


About The Extreme Housewife

I am a young married homeschooling mother of two little ones. Being a mommy is the best job in the whole entire world!
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