Best Friends

One of my main goals as a mommy is to encourage my children to cherish each other. When my children grown up and I am no longer on this Earth I would love nothing more than for my two babies to be able to turn to each other when they they have a need. Family is more important than anything other than God.

Homeschooling, I believe, helps bring us closer. We spend a lot of time cuddling, playing, and just loving each other. We do not put the focus on peers outside of our family. Instead our focus is on each other.

I am not saying that they do not have friends outside of our family. They have other children that they call their best friends (or in my son’s case, his buddy), however, when they name their best friends they always name each other first. Friends are a vital part of life, however, friends come and go, but family is forever.


About The Extreme Housewife

I am a young married homeschooling mother of two little ones. Being a mommy is the best job in the whole entire world!
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